Author Sherri Mills

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If She's Stupid Enough

I woke up this morning remembering a situation that happened right after I went on strike.

I was at a church function and one of the high ranking members of the church came up to me.

He must have read the article in the paper because he said, "Wow I really have a lot of respect for what you did."

I didn't know him that well so it really made me feel good. What he said next however, made me lose respect for him. It also made me very angry.

He jokingly said, "If my wife is stupid enough to do it all, Why should I help her?"

I think that statement was the beginning of what became my Passion. I vowed then and there, I would do whatever it took to change things.

I remember after the strike; my husband had a whole new respect for me. A respect that didn't even remotely resemble how it was when I was doing it all.

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