Author Sherri Mills

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Things We Can Change

One of my clients moved to Montana a while back. She returned to Salt Lake City where her mother lives for a visit. She called for an appointment. Salt Lake is 120 miles away so I knew she needed more than a haircut.

It turns out that she was thinking of leaving her husband so I canceled the entire morning and we had a little talk. The most important thing we discussed was how much her husband loved her children. I told her this was a big deal when considering the pros and con's of marriage. We discussed this at length. I told her that not only was it a wonderful aspect while married but it might be her biggest fight if she decided to divorce her husband.

After I discovered there was no abuse in the family I convinced her to accept the things she couldn't change in him, how to change the things that were possible and we dealt with the wisdom to know the difference.

She has a whole new outlook on life.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Phone Call From Reno

I got a phone call from Reno this morning from a client I once had. She heard I was getting my book published and she said, "Hurry I need it real bad. It's an emergency.