Author Sherri Mills

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Push From My Daughter

For years my clients had been urging me to write a book. I had been writing articles, poems, limerick's and speeches my whole life. Then in 2002, I began my journey in earnest.

In 2002, I received a book from my daughter as a birthday present. The book was THE EVERYTHING GET PUBLISHED BOOK.

Inside the book my daughter Nicole wrote:

"To my dearest Mother,

Some might think this to be a strange gift. To me, it was my way of telling you that I believe in you. I believe in your talent. I believe in your dream and your vision. Tell the world Mom.

Hopefully, one day the entire female population will owe you their future.

I Love You,


How could I not get off my duff and write the book after that?

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