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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Societal Problem

The double duty-double standard of householder work, as stated by many professional people, is a very big problem in our society.

There is a specific situation that makes solving this problem of the utmost importance. The situation I am speaking of is that mothers who just can't take it any more are usually young mothers with small children.

In their frustration and pain, these mothers believe they would be better off divorced.

They don't discover the reality until after it's too late.

Broke and all alone they now have to navigate blindly through their unsuspecting circumstances.

I want everyone to know beyand a doubt that staying and fixing the inequity in a marriage, although difficult, will be much easier than being on ones own with small children.

I refused to self publish my book; I ALMOST DIVORCED MY HUSBAND, I WENT ON STRIKE INSTEAD. I also refused to answer small time publishers who called me after I was on TV.

The only way to get this message out to society is to go national and international WHERE SOCIETY LIVES.

This is the only way our children and grandchildren will benefit from the books' concept.

With national dialogue.

The sad fact is that there is not a magic wand that is going to make this problem go away today. There are a lot of things we can do to make it easier, and I will continue giving tips on my blog.

Changing peoples minds right now is going to be an uphill battle. A battle we must keep fighting.

We need to acquire a change in our thinking that includes how we women perceive ourselves and how willing we are to do whatever it takes, no matter how difficult or unorthodox.

The most important thing to remember is that blaming our husbands, is a dead end street.

Case in point:

I was interviewing a husband who seemed to know there was an unfairness beyand belief in his and his wife's responsibilities.

He said, "I can't believe everything my wife does, and what she accomplishes every day. Then he added, "She does way too much."

I asked him, "Why don't you do something about it then?"

He paused for a moment then said, "I have no idea what to do."

And they truly don't.

We have to spell it out for them.

I will be adding THE TIP OF THE DAY on my blog every now and then.

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