Author Sherri Mills

Sunday, August 9, 2009

His Very Own to Do As He Chooses

About a year ago, My husband bought some good wood floor wax. He wanted me to use it on our floor.

I informed him that I was allergic to the cleaner. He then proceeded to move all of the furniture, sweep and mop the floor, then apply this shiny wax.

It's been over a year now and the wood floor is now his to be proud of. He keeps it up on his own.

The minute it starts showing spots he will proudly say, "It looks like it is time for me to do my floor."

This would have never happened before. In the early years, I did it all wrong. I would beg him to help me with my work.

For him to be proud of what he has done and not be resentful, the responsibilities have to be his very own.

I don't remember the last time there were disagreements over householder responsibilities. The most important transition is the lack of resentment.

Oh how healthy that feels.

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