Author Sherri Mills

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Responsibilities For a Lifetime

An earlier blog was an interview with a man about household responsibilities. The responsibilities he picks being his for a lifetime. (After all; all of the responsibilities women have are lifetime responsibilities.)

Case in point:

One responsibility my husband took as his very own after I went on strike, was the Yard. The transition was slow in the beginning. I had taken pride in my beautiful lawn, and my beautiful mound with synchronized bouquets of flowers.

I watched my flowers wilt for a while but then something wonderful happened. He began taking pride in his yard, and his manicured lawn and garden put mine to shame.

He would beam when neighbors would ask him what he put on his lawn to keep it so green. They would also inquire as to what kind of an edger he used to make his lawn look so manicured.

He would never even think of having me mow his lawn now. I might just mess up his lawn mower lines.

Funny how much easier it is to do a job when you know instinctively what to do instead of having someone nag you all the time.

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