Author Sherri Mills

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

TIP OF THE DAY Fortitude With Little Things

What to do when you are getting your children ready for school, church or any outing, and your husband is on the premises:

Get all the clothes ready for one particular child. Socks, shoes, pants, shirt, everything he is going to wear that day.

Make sure that child is in the same room as his dad so the dad can hear.

Say, very sweetly, "Here are your cloths Johnny, go have your dad get you dressed."

If He has never done it before, he may be surprised so it is very important that you say it, then walk away and start dressing another child, or get busy doing some other chore. To make this work. you can't make this statement and then do nothing. It is very important for him to know he is doing it to make it easier on you.

Remember, don't ask him to do it. Make a very confident statement to your child and EXPECT RESULTS.

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