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Sunday, August 30, 2009


I haven't been on my blog for a while. I try to be in denial and say I am way too busy. This is not the case.

I received a rejection letter for my book. Contrary to what I would have most people believe, I was extremely disappointed.

This one was real close. Her name was Victoria Sanders. She expressed interest in my manuscript right off the bat. I got a phone call from her, three personal emails and a very personal letter stating how she loved the timely concept of my book and if I could change a few things she would take another look.

I have been tied up with her for five months and everything looked so good. That is until I got the letter that stated in part:

"This is a wonderful idea that has such huge potential. I worry, though, that it is modest and lacks the edge that would help it break out and feel as good as it could be.

Though I continue to love this idea. With respect and regret I am going to step aside so you can widen your pursuit and place this with the right agent and subsequent publisher."

The letter was much longer which should have made me feel wonderful. She took so much time on my project. However, I let disappointment take over, halting for a time, my blog and my continued pursuit. Shame on me.

I'm back again, more determined than ever.

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