Author Sherri Mills

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Let Him Do it Better Than You

While I am on the subject of men taking on responsibilities, let me relate another situation.

My husband had noticed the sink in the kitchen was getting dingy. He got the cleanser out, a tooth brush, a few specific rags and cleaners and went to town. He put so much windex on the faucets, that the shine sparkled clear into the next room.

After about an hour and a half (no lie), he proudly stated, "Now that's the way it should always look."

The old me would have gone ballistic.

I would have said,"If I spent an hour and a half on just one thing, how much time do you think I would have left over for the other hundreds of things on my schedule?"

We don't have hundreds of things on our schedule, but that's what we would have said.

The new me, with plenty of self esteem, said, "Honey that looks great." Then I added what he was already thinking, "You do it a lot better than I do."

Sometimes co-operation comes with a price. A small price to pay for continued co-operation.

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