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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Raising Accountable Kids

My editor told me about a positive parenting plan called Accountable Kids. I was so excited about this idea that I sent for the book and kit for my own daughter who will be melding two families together . I was really wondering how this was going to work out. I can't wait until my material gets here.

I showed my granddaughter the website and she was as excited as I was. She couldn't wait to be in charge of the whole process.

In my book, I have a complete list of chores: daily, weekly, monthly and periodical chores to choose from. I also have a chapter on teaching kids how to do chores. However, I strongly suggest the Accountable Kids store for tools to help parents teach their small children to balance choices and consequences in a fun and productive manner. This card based program has behavior charts, chore charts, reward charts and responsibility charts. The child marks his progress on the personal progress board.

Find out more: P.O. Box 155 Fredonia, Az. 86022

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