Author Sherri Mills

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Children are our specks of light.

This is a dark poem that one of my customers gave me. She was in the middle of a very messy divorce -- a divorce that left her hopeless. She wrote it one night long ago while seriously contemplating suicide. Thoughts of her children always brought her back. The specks of light referred to in this poem were her children.

Here is the poem:

What is a dream? An altered state of our own reality? It might be a wish with a bit of imagination mixed in.

Can our nightmares become such a part of our every day thoughts, that we soon fail to comprehend the danger that we have unconsciously placed ourselves and those around us in?

How many times will we be allowed to ask for that which we shouldn't, before our answer is given with a bellowing "YES" from the eternal damnation that we all should fear more than a spiraling life which we think we have the right to run from?

Is it possible that we all choose all too often to only hear that which we want to hear? Even if at that very moment it may only be sounds of sorrow and ill intent, when the truth is, that there are so many individuals who at that very same moment are screaming out their concern and thoughts of well being and prayers of safety for the one that they love.

Why would we choose to not hear such beauty, when it would be that beauty alone that would snap us back into the world we once knew? A world we once loved and once would have never left? It may be because we are sad creatures who are swayed too easily into darkness even when the light around us is so bright that it glares brighter and warmer than the sun.

It may be that those few specks of light which are not let in, by some miraculous force, find their own way in to save you, at just the right moments in time. moments when the darkness can be felt and tasted like nothing you have ever experienced.

It may be that those specks of light have been purposely positioned to fight the darkness, when the "God's" will, that you were born with, has lost it's own energy. For those specks of light, I am grateful and secure. For those specks of light, I hold my head a bit higher. For those specks of light, I will one day find redemption, salvation and peace.

It must be said that this woman is fine now and is enjoying life like never before.
Isn't it wonderful what the love of our children can do when life seems so hopeless.

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