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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back to the beauty shop

Well, Thursday and Friday were the days I met with the clients whose appointments I had to cancel or transfer last week so I could do my television interview.

What a bunch of beautiful people. They had to wait longer and change their appointment dates, but they were all so supportive. One lady even came down to the salon on the wrong day because, try as I may, I couldn't get ahold of her.

Guess what? Not one of them acted like they were put out in any way. They were all just really excited to hear about my interview.

As they all have done before, most of them said they were afraid I'd quit cutting hair as soon as my book is on the market.

I told them not to fear. I have a lot more books to write and most of my life's research comes from the beauty salon. So there I will stay. After al, they are my second family.

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