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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dr. Liz Hale

Yesterday I received a card and a box of expensive chocolates from Dr. Hale. What an amazing lady.

She wrote; "What an honor it was to sit with you a second time as you dispersed your great wisdom and insight. May great rewards be yours, again and again."

The honor was all mine. It is hard for me to describe how much respect I have for this woman. Not just because she is a psychologist/TV host, or the many other accomplishments she has achieved. The respect is more for how much she cares. She emanates compassion.

My mind goes back to the first time I met her; I had made an appointment with her as part of my plan to have psychologists read my manuscript.

When you make an appointment with a therapist, the first thing they ask you is, "What is the problem?"

As I had done with the other unsuspecting doctors, and told them the truth. I said, "My kids are getting a divorce and I am losing my mind."

Once in the door, I would also add, "I really wanted to ask you to read my manuscript for a reading fee and give me your honest opinion."

All the others said yes and were ecstatic about the message and wrote glowing letters about it.

Dr. Liz however, very kind, but in a very determined way said, "I'm sorry, I don't do things like that." Obviously, knowing what I know now, she was way too busy.

I left with mixed feelings. First, I was exhilarated because as it turned out, I was losing my mind and Dr. Liz put my mind at ease in one visit. On the other hand I was deflated because this masterful woman was not going to read my manuscript.

On the way home, I told my husband, "I don't care if she said no, I am going to send it to her anyway." I was determined not to let this amazing woman get away. I said, "The worst that could happen is she could throw it in the garbage."

I sent the manuscript and got a call a few days later. "Sherri," she said, "I read your book and it was truly amazing. Did you know that you quoted me twice in the book?"

I about fell off of my chair, "You're that Dr. Liz?" I asked

The rest is history.

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