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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The flu bug

I have been gone for a few days. I caught the bug, which means after I get home from work I come home and go straight to bed.

I know, I shouldn't share the bug with the world, but when you are a hairdresser, you call and warn everybody. You ask if they want to reschedule their appointments for another day, the answer is always, "no." When somebody needs their hair done, nothing keeps them home, so I put on my mask and go to work.

Now that I am well into trying to market my book and my clients know all about it, the subject of household overwork always comes up. Everybody has a legitimate complaint in their own lives and can't wait for my book to be published.

One lady brought up the saying, "Don't follow someone else's path. Make your own path and leave a trail." She said, "That's you, Sherri."

Another lady brought me a plaque that said, "Stand up for what you believe in."

I am so proud of all of my clients. Just a year ago, they were all afraid for me, afraid of what society would do to me just for bringing up the subject of householder overwork. Most of them were even hesitant to admit there was a problem, even those who opted for divorce instead of facing the problem.

Their eyes are open now and they have hopes for the marriages of their kids and grandkids. They are not afraid for me any more either. They shouldn't be. I tell them, "I'm too old to care," and besides, somebody is going to have to plow through old stereotypes to help keep marriages together.

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