Author Sherri Mills

Monday, June 8, 2009

The never ending storm

I asked a fourteen year-old girl how she was doing with everything she had to deal with regarding her parents divorce. She left and came back with this poem she had written.


Like thick grey clouds amongst the sky,
some things begin in the simplest form.
What seems to be a small confusion
is only the beginning of the storm.
Disagreements here and there,
fluttering through the air
like light rainfall drizzling away.
It isn't much of a scare.
Light rain becomes pouring rain
as growling thunder echos round.
The storm continues lively now,
but I hope it soon goes down.
Over time, the sky appears brighter,
it must be fading away,
but then the lightning
strikes once more,
ruining my chances for a better day.
The never ending storm continues,
thriving off of tears and hate,
but through it all I will keep hope,
for after every storm, a rainbow awaits.

Deep huh?

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