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Monday, July 6, 2009

My interview with Robin and Nicole Seville

I interviewed a wonderful couple about what makes their marriage work.

I had met Robin Seville, the producer and camera man for the show Bride Access, while filming the segment about what to expect when you get married.

Dr. Liz Hale was interviewing my husband and I about our life after my domestic strike and how the strike had affected my husband and our marriage.

Robin was very interested in my theory of men sharing responsibilities around the house. He stated that in order for him to expect more intimacy from his wife Nicole, he'd noticed that he had to chip in with the housework.

I was very intrigued by this man who was genuinely interested in a subject most men run kicking and screaming from. I could feel intuitively that he had enough respect and love for his wife that he was willing to do what ever it took to make things easier for her. I asked if I could interview him.

He said, "Is it okay if my wife is at the interview?"

I was all the more impressed.

When I did the interview I asked questions that usually come up in my interviews as to his upbringing, etc. (I will post the questions and explain the reason's for each one on future blogs.) He didn't seem to fit into the usual stereotypes of husbands who understand the division of labor.

Instead, this man was just a conscientious, sensitive person who really cared about making life easier for his wife. In fact, this was a couple so in-tune with each other, that they gave me hope again.

Robin said he had taken on the exclusive responsibility of assigning jobs to their children and making sure they got done.

How big is that?

Robin sent me an email the next day saying he really enjoyed the interview and that it felt more like old friends visiting than an interview. I felt the same way. This is an amazing couple and we all could learn a lot from them.

I did.

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