Author Sherri Mills

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hard on Children

Since my clients and my friends became aware of my book and my stance on divorce, the feedback has been continual.

I hear so many stories of the suffering children go through when their parents get divorced.

Some of the stories come from clients at work but most of them come from phone calls I get at home.

Yesterday a woman called me in tears because her little boy wanted to go back to his dad. Her ex-husband had called the police and told them something was wrong at the house because his son wasn't happy there.

The little boy was questioned by the police quite thoroughly and they discovered he was perfectly happy with his mom and the home. The real problem was that his dad had made him feel guilty because his dad was single and would be all alone while his mom had somebody.

The little boy was afraid his dad was going to do something drastic while he was gone.

I can't even imagine a little 7 year old boy having that enormous responsibility on his shoulders.

Sadly this is only one of hundreds of stories where the police are involved.

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