Author Sherri Mills

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Easy to Say

While I was convalescing from my surgery, one of my clients stopped by my house and brought a plate of cookies.

She immediately began talking about my book.

She said, "Sherri, you are right,most marriages can be saved."

She reminded me of her plight twenty years ago.

"When Bill and I were having so many problems and I was at the end of my rope, I went to my Bishop."

What she said next exasperated me.

"My Bishop told me I needed to leave him, so I did." She added, "I have been in poverty ever since. It didn't make the children's lives better, and I have been ten times more miserable since I left him than when my marriage was in turmoil."

It seems so easy for some one else to tell you to get a divorce while they stay comfortably in their own , so called, messed up marriage.

We all have messed up marriages at one point or the other.

It seems to me it would be far easier to fix the mess than to put your children through the hell of divorce.

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