Author Sherri Mills

Monday, January 18, 2010

Detached Retina

I have been off the planet for a while, I hope someone missed me.

I was working one day without a care in the world when suddenly out of my right eye came what looked like a blizzard. The difference being, the blizzard wasn't white, it was black.

I turned out to be blood.

The diagnosis was; my eye was bleeding profusely, I had a detached retina and more tears in the retina to count.

It was a race against time to get to a Doctor who could do the the extensive surgery to save my eye.

I made it in time, and the only inconvenience that meant anything was the instruction not to read. (that is not a good thing to tell an author.)

Its almost over and I will be back blogging again as soon as I am completely released.

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