Author Sherri Mills

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Magical Transition Still at PLay

When I was down with my eye My darling husband did all the housework, cooked all the meals, did all the dishes, washed clothes, scrubbed floors, vacuumed every day, changed beds washed sheets and put all the cloths away. He waited on me hand and foot, fed me breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed, when needed, and took care of the grand kids when they came.

Before I went on strike, this man didn't lift a finger to do anything domestic.

I have a client my age who was sick a couple of months ago. When I asked her if her husband helped her through it she said, "Absolutely not, he could do nothing but ask when I was going to be better." then she added, "He was a nervous wreck until I could get back on my feet and be the family slave again."

I hear more stories like this than I can count.

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