Author Sherri Mills

Monday, September 28, 2009

Stamp out marital guess work

When two men become room-mates, they decide going in who will be responsible for what.

When two women become room-mates the same thing happens.

Guess what happens when a husband and wife become room-mates? The home is automatically the wife's responsibility. It continues to be her responsibility as the family grows and the job gets more difficult.

A (good) husband will help, if he doesn't have a golf game planned, a buddy who wants to go fishing, extra work he brought home from the office, or if he is just too tired.

The bottom line is, the wife can't get too tired. She does everything, or feels guilty or inadiquate if it doesn't get done, often causing so much resentment that divorce becomes the answer.

Think before you leap. Decide before you say "I do," who is going to be responsible for what, on an on going basis. Sit down and work it out before the ceramony.

When two people are working, the only way to have a continual loving relationship is to make sure you both have the free time for togetherness.

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