Author Sherri Mills

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting Co-operation on the Domestic Front

So we have a problem because our husbands are not getting involved on the domestic front.

We have already discovered that nagging, sulking, feeling sorry for ourselves, or being angry don't work. Sadly, these actions are also very toxic to our self esteem.

Why don't we try; first to begin to love and appreciate him for all the things he does that we normally take for granted. Things like; always keeping the vehicles running smooth, bringing home the biggest share of the household income, taking care of household malfunctions, taking care of the yard, to name a few.

The next thing we can do is to love ourselves enough to know beyand a doubt that we deserve being a partner instead of a slave.

Perhaps then, we can be rational in our endeavor. We can go ahead with a plan to get co-operation, in a loving but resolute way.

In my research I have discovered that without this loving aproach, the results can only be TEMPORARY.

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  1. So true! Men like to know they are your hero. They don't want to be mothered/nagged. You get a better response by telling him that you are proud of him and thankful for him and his contribution.