Author Sherri Mills

Monday, June 25, 2012


At my signing a couple of weeks ago a young gentleman came over to my table after peeking around corners for a while. He told me he had been divorced twice and he didn't want to lose this wife.
He asked me what was expected of him at home.

I asked him, "Do both of you work?"

He answered, "Ya, she works two jobs but I make the most money." I had heard that before.

I said, "You need this book."

He answered, "I thought it was their fault the first two times, but when it happens three times, I"m thinking it might just be me."

He bought the book and when I went back to the same store two weeks later he came in and was real excited to tell me how much he had learned. He said, "I had no idea I was supposed to be sharing the work load." Then he said, "She was so excited that I had come up with it by myself. "

He thanked me before he left.

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