Author Sherri Mills

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Please No Divorce

I had a client the other day who asked me about my book and when do I consider it appropriate to get a divorce.

I said, "As long as there is no abuse of any kind and kids are involved I think we owe it to our children to make our marriages work."

He said, "You mean a couple should stay in a marriage no matter how miserable they are?"

I said, "You want to see Miserable, then get a divorce and see what it feels like to fight to see your kids all the time." I added a few other down sides to divorce that were sure to happen.

We had a long talk and I think he saw the wisdom in Marriage counseling, trying to get that original feeling back, and I saw a light go off in his head when I mentioned that the reason she is so angry might be because she needs her loved one to share in her 79 responsibilities. It was comical, but I think he changed his thinking. Thank goodness.

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