Author Sherri Mills

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Divorce is hell

Well, I'm back at my blog after a few months. Since I blogged last, I have had to attend court for a divorce case, and I am even more determined than ever to get the word out that divorce hurts every one, husbands, wives, both sets of in-laws, grandparents and most of all the children. The meanness and hate that permeates between the parents, no matter how discreet, plummets down on the children like a wrecking ball, and the parents are in too much pain to recognize it. So the children just suffer in silence.

So much for my rant. Dr. Liz from Studio 5 called yesterday and wants my husband and I to be on her show next Friday. She wants us to talk about the book I wrote, "I Was Going to Divorce My Husband, But I Went on Strike Instead." I have to go to a graduation in Salt Lake City Thursday so I had my Friday all filled up with appointments. I have such a wonderful clientele that they all changed for me. After all, an interview is too important to pass up, so we will see how it goes..