Author Sherri Mills

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't Hate Him / Help Him to Understand

I had a new client yesterday who had four children. The oldest child was five.

All four children came trailing in after her. The bedraggled look on her face spoke volume's. She told me that her husband was home but had refused to let her leave the children with him. It would be too stressful.

"Sometimes I literally despise him." She said, with disgust.

This girl couldn't have been older than twenty four and yet she looked to be, at the very least, in her late thirties. Life had not been good to her.

Luckily I had an extra hour to spend with her and together we figured out a few little tricks to make her husband become more responsible for his own children. Tactics that would only be possible if she could get rid of the hate she had for him. She would understand his plight as a man and have a lot more respect and love for herself.

All too often this is when women make the disastrous decision to end their marriage. When children are young and life seems impossible.

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